Memory & Matching Game – Christmas Busy Bags

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I just love a quick printable busy bag and the funny thing is the kids seem to love these more than the felt busy bags I make!

This one can be used in 3 ways. Simply to layout all the cards and comment on the images and tell a story, pair up the matching images or to turn the cards over and play a memory matching game!

To make these memory matching cards you will need:

  • white card stock
  • the printables I have made: download the blue backing and the card fronts

You can either print these on stock cards or paper and laminate them. These cards are made to the size of this laminating pouch which ensures I don’t have to cut each and every card a second time. It also makes the cards uniform which is great for storage.

Print the blue backing first then turn your paper over and reinsert into the printer so that the front of the cards print on the other side.

Use these seasonal cards to pair up the similar images or as a memory matching game by turning them over.

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