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We sure had a great Christmas with our family and we hope you did as well. That being said, we know that there is still a bit of time left before the end of winter break. So we thought some free math worksheets would be useful right about now.

Free Math Worksheets

These free math worksheets will prompt your child to count and then write the amount of different items in each picture. A few of the free printables include winter related images and items to count and write.

The rest of the printable worksheet pages show Christmas related images. We thought this could be a great way for your kiddos to reflect on their now-Christmas-past and be thankful for all of the memories and presents they may have received. Maybe it’ll even help drum up some inspiration for the whole family to get working on putting the Christmas decorations away. 💁‍♀️

Prepping Your Free Math Worksheets

These free math worksheets are super easy to prep! First, you’ll want to print out the free worksheets. The only other item you’ll need for these printable math worksheets is a writing utensil. These activities are probably not suitable for children who can’t yet count or write numbers up to ten. But, don’t worry – we have many other free printables suitable for all ages and skill levels! Also, you can consider using this educational printable as a teaching tool for you and your child to work through together.


These math worksheets were designed to practice many different skills for your child’s learning and development process. These fun math worksheets will have your child practicing their:

  • Early numeracy skills
  • Numerical processing
  • Writing skills
  • Problem solving
  • And more!

Enjoy Your Fun Worksheets!

We hope you and your child enjoy these fun math worksheets we have designed for you. We’d like to highlight the word fun here, because that’s really an underlying factor in everything that we do and create. Science has shown that various positive hormones are released in our brains when we are enjoying the learning process, thus making it easier to learn in the moment as well as overtime. So, don’t forget to have fun!

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