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Do your kids like making food? Do your kids love printable crafts? What about pretend play? Then this is for you! Kids will enjoy these food craftivities so much while strengthening critical skills.

One of the most obvious skills that can be strengthened with this activity is scissor and paste skills. Children will cut out the various parts of the creation to make a full one. For instance, they will cut out the pizza toppings then glue them in place to create the pizza. They can even color the pieces first before cutting them out. This will help them with their imagination and adding in creativity.

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Pretend play and imagination is also strengthened with this activity. You could ask them to pay for the toppings, they can pretend they are the chef or owner of a food truck.

Younger children can enjoy this food craftivity too, though. They can color the shapes and then you cut them out and maybe even laminate them. If you prep the whole thing for them, they can play with the shapes. There is an element of exploring shapes. Let them explore making the food with just the pieces. This could be used over and over if prepped in this way.The food and the parts of the food are all created from simple shapes like triangles, circles and squares. This is great for even younger children.

I love when activities can be used for all ages of children. Skills are strengthened, creativity is encouraged and fun is had by all. This printable set is super easy to prep and will lead to hours of fun and learning!

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