Make a Truck from Shapes

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Welcome to another fun packed week of playful preschool! This weeks theme is transportation. Can you imagine kids jumping up and down excitedly. Yip, my kids.

As always you can follow the hashtag #playfulpreschool on social media and at the bottom of this post find some more ideas centred on this weeks theme transportation.

This week I had the aim to combine activity and creativity.

This activity is rather simple. You will need some shapes to trace, paper and a pencil or pen. We have used the wooden blocks that came with this Melissa and dough pattern set. If you don’t have wooden blocks around you can also use foam shapes.

Start this activity by showing your preschooler what you intend. I made a quick truck and then traced it.

He caught on very fast and was eager to make this own trucks of various sizes and constructions.

Tracing was a bit of hard work on my toddler who is in between toddler activities and preschool. Like a good big brother he showed her that holding the items down with a finger would fix her issues of things moving. I just love watching sibling learning happening. (Parents, you can help hold too!)

This is great tracing practice for preschoolers. Also if you have a younger child, your older child can trace and the younger one can match the shapes.

Your preschooler can also work on shape recognition if they are still a bit uncertain. Can you add a triangle to your truck? What shape are those wheels? Also the more complex look I just put 2 rectangles on top of each other, what do they look like now? A square!

A simple activity with tons of learning capability. Just the way I like it!

Here are some transportation truck themed books you also might enjoy.

  • Truck Paperback
  • I Love Trucks!
  • My Truck is Stuck!
  • Trucks

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