Life Cycle of the Butterfly in Art

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This weeks playful preschool theme is life cycles.

My kids love the book hungry caterpillar so my first thought was to do something along these lines.

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I tried various art methods with the kids on this one. First up I made 4 circles and we read the the hungry caterpillar to refresh our story (like we needed to!) Next we drew the 4 stages. This would be great if your preschooler is good at making pictures. Mine got frustrated and handed me the pencil. So those are mommy drawings. haha (these are A2 papers, 2x the size of a letter)

The next step is to color in the creations bringing them to life. My kids don’t seem to like the coloring in thing so I got the water paints out.

My 5 year old deemed that butterfly too small so I drew a bigger one for him.

But before we had fun with the drawing and painting we had tried a sticking collage type activity. We got as far as sticking the leaf with the egg and the caterpillar with an apple before the kids got bored of this sticking business and ran off.

Maybe your kids would enjoy this idea? (those bits are crepe paper)

The resultant art was not too bad looking, you can still tell its an apple! 🙂 

See sometimes teaching the kids about things goes a bit wonky but that is ok, do what you can and take into consideration alternatives based on your childs preferences. Like mine are not keen to color in so i gave water paints. Most of all, have fun!

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