Letter Y Craft: Yarn

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This letter Y craft for kids will allow kids to use yarn to make a decorative letter of their own. Yarn is fun to manipulate and craft with, so this is one alphabet themed craft you will want to give a try. Take a look below at how to get started!

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Supplies needed:
– letter Y printable
crayons or colored pencils
yarn in assorted colors
craft glue

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Here is how we made this craft.
Optional: Begin by coloring the letter Y with your crayons or pencils.

Cut out the letter.
Cut short lengths of yarn ranging from 1-4 inches in size. Use assorted colors if possible.

Glue the segments of yarn to the letter Y. You can glue the yarn in any pattern you wish.
Allow the glue to dry well.

Once all of your yarn pieces are secure, your letter Y craft is ready to be displayed proudly! Try making your own Y is for Yarn craft, then make a list of the other Y words you may know. How many can you think of? What Y words do you see when you take a tour around the house? This can be a tricky letter to find, but when you do find examples you will surely be excited!

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