Letter W Craft: Watermelon

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One of my favorite W words is watermelon! This letter W craft is a fun way to explore the letter in a hands on way, while creating a cute paper watermelon perfect for display. Check out the tutorial below to make your own W is for Watermelon craft!

You will need a few supplies for this easy craft for kids.
– letter W printable
construction paper in green, red, and black
craft glue

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Here is how we made this fun watermelon craft!
Begin by tearing up the red and green construction paper into small pieces. Not only is this fun, but it’s also great for fine motor skills. Then, glue the paper pieces to the letter W so that the red pieces are on the top half and the green pieces are on the bottom half.

Cut out small ovals (seeds) from the black construction paper. Glue them to the red portion of the W.
Cut out the letter.

Make sure all pieces are dry before displaying.

How cute is this W is for Watermelon craft? Your letter W craft is ready to be displayed, and you can now create a list of other W words you may know.

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