Letter U Craft: Umbrella

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If you are studying the letter U with your kids, you will want to give this Letter of the Week U: U is for umbrella craft a try! This letter U craft is a fun and colorful way to explore the letter while using these cute little paper umbrellas. Check out the tutorial below to get started.

This letter of the week u craft is the perfect way to help children learn more about the letter u, while strengthening fine motor skills and increasing creativity. You will need:

letter U printable
crayons or colored pencils
assorted paper cocktail umbrellas
craft glue

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To start this Letter Of The Week U craft, begin by coloring the letter U with your crayons or pencils.
Cut out the letter.

Open your paper umbrellas. Remove the tops of the umbrellas from the stick so they lay flat.
Add a generous amount of glue to the back/underside of the umbrellas.

Press the umbrellas firmly to the paper. Allow to dry.

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Once all of your umbrella pieces are secure in place, your letter U craft is ready to be displayed!

Alternative Letter Of The Week U Ideas:

Make a list of other U words.
Take an umbrella outside and play in the rain.
Take a trip to the library and find books all about rain and umbrellas.
Draw pictures of umbrellas with other objects other than rain falling from the sky.

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