Letter Q Tracing Worksheets

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Have you heard that we are doing a Letter Of The Week series? A set of printables for each letter of the alphabet! This is perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners. This one in particular is Letter Q Tracing Worksheets.

Learning the alphabet is the first step in being able to read and write, as we know. These printables have a variety of different activities to help children identify letters, write letters and more!

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To prep these printables, the only thing you need to do is print them. Optionally you could laminate them, if you want to use them over and over, but that is not required.

The second part of the first page of this Q activity has a ‘color the Q’s’. There are multiple words that include the letter Q and kids will need to color only the Q. Alternatively, if they want to color all the Q’s with one color and the other letters with a different color, that would work too.

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On the second page of the letter Q activity, there are tracing opportunities of straight letters, not bubble letters. There are also multiple blocks with Q words that kids can trace the word, identify the Q and color the picture. At the bottom there is space to draw their own Q picture.

Each one of these activities is beneficial for kids who are just learning their ABCs or children who need practice. These are fun, simple and relatively quick activities so children will stay engaged.

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