Letter O Craft: Ocean

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Create your own ocean when you try this O is for Ocean craft for kids. With this letter of the week O craft, kids will have the chance to explore the letter O and the words it creates. Take a look below at how to use some basic supplies to create your own.

O is for Ocean Letter Of The Week O Craft

You’ll need a few supplies for this craft.
letter O printable
googly eyes
construction paper
craft glue
crayons or colored pencils

Here are the simple steps to making this letter of the week O craft!
Start by coloring the letter O with your crayons or colored pencils.
Cut out the letter.

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 Use the construction paper to cut out ocean accessories such as seaweed, fish, stones, etc.
Cut out these paper designs. Add some glue to the back of each and press them to the letter O to create an oceanscape. Add small googly eyes to complete the faces of your fish.

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Your ocean is now ready to be displayed! Now that you know the ocean starts with O, what other words can you think of? Are there ocean animals that start with the letter O? Maybe an octopus?

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