Letter K Craft: Kiss

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If you are exploring letters with your child, this letter of the week K is for kisses craft is a fun hands on way to learn more. This K is for kisses craft lets children decorate their own letter K with kisses, and is perfect for the Valentine’s Day season and beyond. Take a look below at how to make your own!

Letter Of The Week K

You can help children with a variety of skills with this simple craft. You’ll need a few simple craft supplies.

letter K printable
optional crayons or colored pencils

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You can follow these instructions, but remember to have children add their own flair on their letter K craft too!

After you print the letter K, b

Begin by using crayons or colored pencils to color the letter K.
Cut out the letter K.

Next is the super fun part. Put on some lipstick.

Press lips to the letter K to leave a kiss impression.

Repeat several times on the letter K. You might need to apply more lipstick as you make the kiss impressions.

Allow the lipstick to dry.

Your Letter of The Week K is for kisses craft is now ready to be displayed! Now, see if you can make a list of words that start with the letter K. Talk about kite, kittens, and keys to name a few! Can you find items around the home that start with the letter K? Give this fun craft and follow up activities a try and see how much you can learn about the letter k!

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