Letter G Craft: Grapes

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What better way to explore the letter G than to create this G is for grapes craft! Make your own clusters of grapes on the letter G, to help show children how the letter G can be found in all sorts of words, including food words.

You’ll only need a few basic craft supplies and the provided G template to make this happen, so take a look below to get started! This Letter of the Week G craft is exactly what your kids need!

These are the supplies that are needed to make this letter G craft!
Letter G Template (download below)
purple craft paint
q tips
crayons or colored pencils

These Letter of The Week Crafts are so fun!

This letter G craft is incredibly simple and fun!

This first step is optional. You can start by coloring your letter G with crayons or pencils of your choice. Next, cut out the letter G.

Dip the end of your qtip in purple craft paint and then press it to the letter G to create small grape clusters. Create as many clusters as you can fit on the letter.

Finally, take a green crayon, pencil, or marker to create greenery on the grape clusters.

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Allow the paint to dry well.

Your G is for Grapes craft is now ready to be displayed.

Not only is this craft fun, it is beneficial as well. Using the qtip to paint the grapes helps strengthen a child’s fine motor skills and the muscles that are needed to hold a pencil. This is the perfect craft to use when you are studying the letter G!

Additional Ideas:
See if you can make a list of other food items that start with the letter G! Peek in your fridge and cabinets and see if you can make a pile of these foods. How many do you think you can find?

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