Letter E Craft: Egg

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This E is for eggs craft is the perfect alphabet craft for kids! This craft helps bring the letter E to life in a way that is engaging and fun, while also being simple.

Take a look below at how you can create your own “Egg E” with your kids, as it is a great way to bring the alphabet to life!

Egg Letter E Craft

The supplies needed are ones that you may already have in your home or classroom.

Printable E template
, or colored pencils
craft glue
foam craft eggs

A note about supplies: You can find small foam eggs such as you see here at most craft stores. They can usually be found in the miniatures section or dollhouse supplies section. If you can’t find them at your local craft store, you can locate them on Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy. 

Begin by coloring the letter E template.
You can add any colors, designs, or patterns you wish.

Cut the E template out and set aside.
This is a great time to practice those snipping skills.

Use the craft scissors to cut the eggs in half. Since they are foam they will cut easily. If the eggs are small enough, you are welcome to leave them whole!

Add a generous amount of glue to each egg. Press the eggs to the letter E. Hold in place until dry and secure.

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Once the eggs are dry and in place you can display your E! Can you think of other food items that start with the letter E? What about egg rolls? Egg plant? How big of a list can you make?
Try looking for items that start with the letter E around the kitchen and home!

Need more help with learning the alphabet? Try our Alphabet Scavenger Hunts too!

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