Letter B Craft: Banjo

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Are you working on a letter of the week unit? They can be so fun and a perfect way to introduce letters to kids! Including fun crafts is a great way to help kids learn about the letters of the alphabet without overwhelming them completely. Try this Letter B Craft with your kids!

Banjo: A Letter B Craft For Kids

This is a super simple craft that kids will love to make. The base of it is a letter B that is being turned into an Banjo. We did it the way we will describe but you can make it look however you’d like! Or however your kids would like!

Although this isn’t directly helping children learn to write the letter, crafts like this are helping to introduce all parts of the letter. This craft will help children learn the formation of the letter, the beginning sound as well as how to identify it. All from this simple craft that is masked as fun. While it is so fun, it’s also helping children learn important skills that are necessary for their future.

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We started out by coloring the letter B brown. If your kids want a blue banjo, that is okay too! Next cut out the B from the piece of paper.

Next we used glue to attach strings to the banjo. This could be yarn, twine or whatever you have. The top of the banjo is still missing, so next is time for that. We cut this out of paper, colored it brown and attached it to the B Banjo! This letter b craft is so fun!

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All kids who love to craft will enjoy making this letter A craft! They will also be introduced to the next letter of the alphabet!

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