LEGO® Jurassic World Adventure!

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Jurassic park and I go way back. I remember being on a class field trip when the very first movie came out and the entire class went to watch it. At that time, it was the very first of its kind with breath taking realistic dinosaurs and we all talked about it for many days after.

Have you seen the newest Jurassic World movie? Those dinosaurs are smart!

In 2015, Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World became one of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, grossing more than $1.67 billion at the global box office on its way to becoming the fourth-highest-grossing film of all time. It was a HUGE hit with kids and adults alike, so much so that in 2018 the sequel will be coming out, super exciting, I can’t wait and I am sure my son is going to be grinning when he hears the news!

Dinosaurs meet LEGO!

Kids in general have always been fascinated with dinosaurs, they also love to build with LEGO and as kids the imagination is wonderfully ripe for pretend play. So while we wait for that new movie and play with our LEGO Jurassic World dinosaur sets I have a few videos that you and your kids are going to love!

We recently watched the LEGO Jurassic World mini movie and the kids really enjoyed it. They kept asking for me to replay it or put another one on. The good news is that a whole series of them are about to come out! Click here to watch the trailer!

LEGO® Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape

Join us every day until October 13 to watch a new episode of the show! You can watch them here or on the site.

Episode 1:

When Simon Masrani accidentally destroys one of the park’s main attractions (he really should learn how to fly that helicopter), he calls upon his trusted employee Claire to save the day.

We were thrilled to see a LEGO dinosaur scene where Owen is telling the raptors to back off, the popular scene that was recreated by zoo keepers all over the world. He is then interrupted by Simon who can’t dial the right number and plays video games while falling. Good thing Owen has a pet dino bird 😉

Episode 2:

Claire has a great idea for the attraction Simon wanted…a new dinosaur! “You can’t just build a dinosaur,” Owen says. But he’s wrong. They totally can! Especially after a visit to Dr. Wu’s lab where we find out about his hybrid creations: genetically engineered dinos made from the DNA of more than one creature. The too much t-rex DNA, hehe!

Meanwhile, we’re introduced to Dino Man, the park’s new mascot. Unfortunately for Dino Man, the park’s overzealous head of security, Hoskins, thinks he’s real and the hunt is on!

For some reason my kids thought that Dino Man being mistaken for a real dinosaur situation was so funny! Ok, I can see why it’s so funny 😉 Also did you see that glow in the dark dinosaur!?

This episode was also watched a few times by the kids and they definitely picked up more funny scenes as they re-watched it. Like Owen showing the new green raptor how to dance 😉

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:


Click here to watch the complete episode!

Join us tomorrow for the next episode!

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