LEGO Christmas Tree Fine Motor Activity

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Fine motor skills are always present when LEGO is involved. Today we did a cute little activity with our LEGO and decorated a tree!

It is easy to set up and has many opportunities to alter. For example duplo bricks would work just as well.

To set up you will need:

a baseplate. We originally made this activity on a green baseplate, it was easy to see the tree for us because of the raised dimension but the images I took to share same out flat and I couldn’t show off the tree. This had me thinking of kids and how they see things. Some kids might have trouble with the green on green so if you can choose a different color baseplate than green if you have.

a bunch of green bricks. Here we used 2 shades of green

Yellow and other color 2×2 bricks or 1×1 bricks to represent the lights and baubles on your tree

4 x 1×2 yellow bricks to make a star

2 brown 2×8 bricks for the truck of the tree

Build your tree by staggering the bricks from the bottom up, building off the brown base.

Place your star at the top of the tree and continue to randomly decorate with the other bricks. There is no right way to decorate. Kids use their imaginations and thats an awesome thing!

These LEGO Christmas trees are great to display after they are complete too!

The 2×2 bricks make a great entry size and even my 2 year old is able to grasp them to decorate with. Use 1×1 bricks or even tiny studs for a more intricate fine motor exercise for older kids.

Mixing and matching the sizes is also an option!

For more fine motor ideas check out our fine motor archives as well as both my fine motor books in the shop. If you are looking for more LEGO related ideas check here and I also have an awesome book out that encourages learning with LEGO.

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