Learning Ideas for a Jumbo Magnifier

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Children are naturally curious about the effect of a magnifying glass. Use jumbo magnifying glasses as seen in these activities and your kids will love learning!

Print our these I spy alphabet findalphabet detective and miniature letter find activities and work on letter recognition in a fun way!

Or, use a newspaper to find certain letters, numbers or even symbols!

Hunt for sight words with this free printable or let your preschooler hunt for colors. A super fun way to work on color recognition! This color matching activity is another good idea!

Learn about snowflakes with snowflake matching and match pictures, perfect for developing visual perceptual skills.

Set up a bug bin, with all kinds of creepy crawlies, spaghetti grass and magnifying glasses for fun sensory play.

Grab a single Jumbo Magnifier here.

Water beads are interesting to play with. Watch them grow with this water bead science activity.

Observing science, a hands-on way to explore anything and everything using magnifying glasses, like butterflies and flowers.

This frog life cycle and inspecting pond water activities will sure be a hit with your little explorers or make them their own nature exploration kit.

Exploring vegetables or seeds are good activities to use familiar items to inspect.

Have a budding astronaut in your house? They will love this astronaut glove box idea!

Lastly, go on a rock hunt and bring it back home to inspect and discover rock science.

All super fun activities using a magnifying glass. Which activity will your kids love?

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