Leaf Collages

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Don’t you just love a bit of random play! Last week we went on a little walk around the house and our street picking a few leaves for inspecting, learning about and crafting with. The same day I was randomly browsing pinterest and came across this just gorgeous leaf rubbing idea from fellow kid blogger Mama Papa Bubba.

It was just perfect!

So we tried it.

Luckily we had picked a few nice looking leaves for this project. Put this under a sheet of paper with their “veiniest” side facing up. 

The original asks for unwrapped crayons but seeing as the crayons we have are not skinny (ha!) the worked just as well by using the flat end.

Perfect! Now repeat with as many colors as you please. I just love the original ideas pictures!

I wonder what else we could possibly trace in this manner? 😀

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