Ladybug Garden Rocks

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Welcome to this weeks playful preschool! This weeks theme is Ladybugs!

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For today’s lesson we went with the classic paint a rock to look like something.

This one turned out to be a fun activity for the kids. First we hunted some suitable rocks in the yard. Then we got the red paint out and spent 20 mins painting the 20 odd rocks we collected. 

I then put these up on a shelf to dry.

Once dry it was time to grab the black paint and make our rocks into ladybugs!

Painting one side to resemble a face and then the rest for the wings.

Once the paint had dried it was my turn to glue some eyes on with the hot glue gun. Tadaa! Some awesome little ladybug garden rocks!

These little fellas were placed in the herb pot outside. I am sure the kids will be going to check on their ladybugs all throughout the days to come. We might even make up a few games to play with them!

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