Kite Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids

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Spring is all about kites, and nothing will get the kids in a mood to go fly a kite like this kite popsicle stick craft for kids. With a few basic supplies they can make their own mini kites, the perfect reminder that spring is here. Look below and see how to make your own in just minutes. It is the perfect spring craft!

How to Make a Kite Popsicle Stick Craft

Supplies needed:

craft felt or scrapbook paper
craft glue
skinny wood craft sticks
yarn or ribbon

We found all of the items we needed at our local Dollar Store. Chances are you have most of these items on hand, but if not your local dollar store or craft store should have them.


Begin by cutting out the diamond shape of your kite. You can try tracing the design with a pencil first if you wish, or you can freehand it. It may take some practice to get the perfect diamond shape, which is why tracing a design first may be easier.

Cut out your kite shape and set aside.

Take the pair of wood craft sticks. You want to make a T shape with them as shown. Use glue to join the pair of sticks together. When they are matched up as you wish, use scissors to cut off the sides of the T so the shape will fit within your kite.

Add some glue to the back of your wooden T shape and press it to the diamond shape. Hold in place until dry.

You can now use the glitter, markers, stamps, or whatever else you wish to create the design of your choosing on the kite. Allow to dry.

Finish your kite by adding on a tail. You can cut a piece of ribbon or yarn and glue to the end of the diamond. Hold in place until dry. Further decorate the tail by tying on additional pieces of ribbon as shown.

Your kite popsicle stick craft for kids is now ready to be enjoyed. Kids will love making their own mini kite, and it will be a great reminder that spring and breezy, kite flying days are certainly here.

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