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With warmer weather comes fun days in the sun and picnics at the park. Why not turn your day of fun into a learning experience as well? When you’re packing for your picnic, make sure to include these picnic kindergarten worksheets to deepen the experience for your child.

Let’s Go On a Picnic

These kindergarten worksheets include six printable pages of picnic-related activities. The first two pages prompt your child to circle the items they think they might find in a picnic basket. Pages three and four prompt your child to color four images on each page and then trace their names below. Finally, the last two pages will prompt your child to count the amount of items shown in each square (four on each page) and choose the correct number accordingly.

Prepping Your Picnic Worksheets

While a picnic is technically not required to complete these worksheets, it would certainly make it much more fun! Make sure to pack your kindergarten worksheets with your picnic basket and include the following items:

  • Coloring utensils
  • Writing utensil


Your child will be practicing many different skills while working on these activities. These picnic kindergarten worksheets are perfect for increasing their:

  • Writing (or pre-writing) skills
  • Basic numeracy skills
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving abilities
  • And more!

Most importantly, if your child has fun while completing the activity, you can consider that a priceless reward in and of itself.

Yum! – Let’s Get to Picnic-ing

All this thinking is sure to make them hungry! Make it a game to see how many items from your picnic match the items found on the worksheet. You’d be amazed at how many laughs and smiles this simple activity can bring. This is a great chance to bond and engage with your child. If you liked these free kindergarten worksheets, make sure to check out our other activities as well.

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