Kindergarten Printable Worksheets – Circle the Odd One Out

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These kindergarten printable worksheets are perfect for kiddos who don’t yet know how to read, or otherwise who need printable activities that require minimal reading prompts. And while kindergarten is a perfect time to introduce these free worksheets, preschool and older school-aged children can benefit from the educational printables as well.

Circle the Odd One Out

Your kindergarten printable worksheets will prompt your child to look at four different pictures in a group and circle the one that doesn’t fit the theme of the rest of the photos. Each worksheet page includes four different groups of items, with four total pages of printable worksheets.

Prepping Your Kindergarten Printable Worksheets

Prepping the kindergarten printable worksheets is far from rocket science. In fact, it is made ridiculously easy with the busy parent, caretaker, and teacher in mind. All you have to do is print the free worksheets and get your child set up with the writing utensil of your/their choice. Make sure that they understand what the printable is asking them to do before you get back to checking things off your to-do list.


Circle the odd one out kindergarten printable worksheets are great for learning and development. While you are getting some much needed adult-time, your child will be working on their:

  • Item recognition skills
  • Learner’s observation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • And more!

Don’t Be the Odd One Out – Get Kindergarten Printable Worksheets NOW

Free, fun, and effective at teaching your child?! Yes, Powerful Mothering is the unicorn you have been searching for… No, but seriously. We’ve designed all of our free printable worksheets with you and your child in mind. We seek to empower families, teachers, and caretakers to learn, grow, and be their bravest best self! Make sure to check out our other printables for more worksheet fun.

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