Jobs Matching Worksheets For Preschool

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Preschoolers love learning about the different jobs that are out there. They like to pretend and dream of what they will do when they grow up. This is an important part of childhood and one that all kids should have the chance to explore. This Jobs Matching activity is a great way to help children learn about some different jobs that children might be interested in.

Job Matching Preschool Activity

Matching is also an early math skill. This skill is helpful for preschoolers to identify differences and similarities. It includes visual discrimination and memory. This is needed for identification of patterns, relationships and similarities and differences. Matching and sorting are also great for fine motor skills.

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How To Prep

Prepping this activity is simple. Print out the pages and have a writing utensil ready. If you are prepping for your classroom or if you would like to reuse this activity, you could choose to laminate and use with dry erase markers.

Using This Activity

This matching game is about particular types of jobs and tools that they use. The purpose is for children to identify the jobs and then identify the tools that those jobs use.

Once the two matches are identified, children will draw a line from one to the other.

These matches include:

  • Chef & Pan
  • Artist & Paint
  • Farmer & Tractor
  • Nurse & Syringe

There are 3 pages in all with a variety of different jobs & tools.

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