I Spy Community Helpers Printable

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Community helpers are a great theme to explore with preschoolers. It lets us talk about professions and in general how our society works in every day life.

Do check the bottom of this post for more ideas and printables for community helpers.

Today I have a quick print and enjoy i spy printable on this theme!

Download the i spy printable here.

There are many ways to use an i spy printable and I list a few here on how to play.

15 Community Helper Activities


  1. Community Helpers Bingo // The Letters of Literacy
  2. Community Helper Vehicles Count and Clip Cards // Modern Preschool
  3. Community Helper Pattern Block Mats // The STEM Laboratory
  4. Community Helpers Sort and Classify Mats // Fairy Poppins
  5. Community Helpers Sight Words Game // Play and Learn Every Day
  6. I Spy Community Helpers Printable // Powerful Mothering
  7. Community Helper Interactive Poem // Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station
  8. Community Helpers Counting Puzzles // The Kindergarten Connection
  9. Community Helpers Little Readers // Liz’s Early Learning Spot
  10. Community Helpers Mazes // Sara J Creations
  11. People Who Help Us Alphabet Match // Adventures of Adam
  12. Community Helper Math Games // Recipe for Teaching
  13. Community Helpers Easy Reader Freebie // The Simplified Classroom
  14. Community Helpers Write and Color the Room // A Dab of Glue Will Do
  15. Community Helper Alphabet Dab Sheets // Playdough to Plato

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