Hungry Caterpillar Activity Pack For Preschoolers

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a quintessential children’s book. Do your kids like it? Mine LOVE it! This printable activity set is full of ways for kids to practice preschool skills like prewriting, tracing and numbers!

Providing engaging learning activities is something I strive for. I want my children to WANT to learn. This can be difficult for some children, but fun games can help. This Hungry Caterpillar themed printable pack is full of learning games that kids will love!

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Hungry Caterpillar Prewriting

Prewriting is essential before a child can appropriately write letters. Prewriting also helps strengthen handwriting skills. This simple tracing activity will help children write a variety of lines while taking the caterpillar to its food.

Alphabet & Number Tracing

Kids need to learn how to write each letter, but this can be difficult on its own. Starting with tracing is a simple way to help. Each apple has its own Uppercase Letter that kids can trace. You can laminate the sheet and use this over and over with a dry erase marker if you’d like!

Memory Game

Memory games are so much fun but have so much room for growing & developing. Kids will not only strengthen short term memory, but attention span and focus too. Not to mention visual recognition and critical thinking. Also, to make it easier, you can only do a few matches at a time if you’d like.

Coloring Pages

Grab the crayons and choose these coloring pages. There are multiple to choose from and all have to do with caterpillars and butterflies!

Trace The Words

Just like with the letter and number tracing, there are multiple word tracing sheets, too. The words all have to do with caterpillars and butterflies and will make kids feel super excited and proud that they can trace words!

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This Hungry Caterpillar Activity Pack is the perfect way to help kids learn important skills while having FUN! This is a great pack to use in conjunction with reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar book!

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