How To Plant Like A Farmer With Kids

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Do your kids like to pretend to be farmers? Are you looking for a tutorial that will help kids pretend but in real life? This is a fun way to help kids plant like a farmer and have something that actually grows! This is not only fun for kids, but it is a fabulous learning activity. It will teach patience, but also how seeds work and how to take care of a growing plant.

How To Plant Like A Farmer With Kids

Planting and growing beans is one way to imitate what a farmer does for a living. This simple
science activity is perfect when talking and learning about plants at home or school.
Growing their very own plant is a very meaningful and memorable learning experience for all
young children.

Growing with Beans

This science experience will allow your children to observe the changes in plant growth over
time. It may be difficult for kids to wait for their beans to start growing, but once it does you
won’t be able to get them away from it.

Planting Materials

To get started growing your plant you will need the following supplies:
cotton balls (paper towels also work well)
bag of dried beans
clear container

I used a glass jar, but you can use any type of clear container you may have on hand. The
most important thing is that the kids can see what is happening to their beans and watch
them grow.

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How do you grow a magic beanstalk?

First, ask your child to stuff the clear container with cotton balls or a paper towel. Then, assist them to place a few of the dried beans around the edges of the cup. I used lima beans, but you may wish to
try another type of bean.

Finally, add just enough water to moisten the cotton balls or paper towel being careful not to over water.
Children will enjoy watering their seeds with a misting bottle which is also great for fine motor

How long does it take to grow a beanstalk plant?

After seven days you should start to see a good amount of growth in the bean plants. They might grow a bit of mold, but this is normal. You could discuss the changes they notice and why they think these changes are happening.

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