How to Make Eggshell Seed Starters

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If you are planting a flower or herb garden this spring, starting seedlings ahead of time can help you save time and money! You don’t need a lot of supplies in order to make your own seed starters, in fact you can use supplies found right in your own kitchen.

Look below at how to make eggshell seed starters, and see how simple it can be to make earth friendly, inexpensive seed starters in just minutes. Here is what you need to know!

Making DIY Eggshell Seed Starters For Your Garden

The simple supplies needed are:

  • egg shells
  • planting soil
  • seeds
  • water bottle
  • water

Take eggshells that have been broken in half and emptied. It is easiest to just save your eggshells after breakfast or baking!

Rinse the shells well in warm water and a little dish soap. There is no need to pat dry.

Place the eggshell halves in an egg carton or bowl so they are upright.

Take a pencil and gently tap a hole in the bottom of the shell. This will act as your drainage hole.

Fill the eggshell about ¾ of the way full with potting soil. Use a nutrient rich potting soil to give the seed a strong start.

Use a pencil to poke a hole in the center of the soil. This is where your seed will go.

Place 1-3 seeds in the hole and cover it loosely with soil.

Take your water bottle and gently mist the soil. This will help keep it moist without drowning the seed.

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Place the eggshell seed starters in a warm and sunny window. Continue to mist them daily so the soil stays moist.

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In about a week you should see your seeds start to sprout! Continue to keep the soil moist and keep the eggshell seed starters in a warm and sunny area. When you are ready to plant them outdoors or in pot, simply bury the entire shell leaving the stem of the seedling exposed. The shell will break down while the seedling feeds off of it for nutrients!

In no time, you will have healthy seedlings growing strong! Give these easy eggshell seed starters a try. They are so fun, and a great way to reuse those nutrient rich eggshells.

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