How to Make a Rainbow Garden Markers Craft with Kids

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Is there anything better than enjoying a garden full of color? Gardens offer so much visual pleasure, and Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert lets children explore all the colors a garden has to offer. In the craft below, children can make their own colorful garden markers craft, perfect for labeling the plants in their own rainbow garden.

Rainbow Garden Markers Craft

Take a peek below and see how easy it is to make your own rainbow garden markers.

Supplies needed:

wood craft sticks
craft paint in assorted colors
black marker
paint brush


Begin crafting your rainbow garden markers by applying two coats of paint to each craft stick. You can use any colors you wish, in any shades you wish. For ours, we used all the colors of the rainbow.

Allow the paint to dry well in between coats. During this time you can write out a list of the plants you will need markers for.

Once the paint on the garden markers is dry, you can take the black marker and start writing the labels on the sticks. Match up the colors of the plants with the colors of the sticks. For example, tomatoes will have a red stick, peppers a green stick, etc.

If your garden isn’t ready for garden markers yet, kids can easily use the sticks to match to produce you buy at the grocery store. Or, they can use them and match them to plants and flowers.

Once your garden is ready for garden markers, allow kids to place the rainbow garden markers into the ground near the plant they identify.

These rainbow garden markers are a great way to organize your garden while teaching kids about colors and plant identification!

When you have finished reading Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, give these rainbow garden markers a try. Kids are sure to enjoy them!

Flowers & Trees – Learning will blossom with these activities to help grow little minds!

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