How to Make a Ladybug Habitat

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Did you know that ladybugs are beneficial to your garden? They eat the pests that would love to devour your plants, and are natural pest control.

Not only that, but ladybugs are gentle and don’t pose a biting hazard to your kids. They are the perfect critter to welcome to your garden and observe!

Creating a ladybug habitat can help welcome them, and making one is easy. Look below at how to make a ladybug habitat of your own!

Simple Way To Make A Ladybug Habitat

cardboard tube
string or yarn for hanging


Start by measuring the length of your tube. Cut the straws to the same measurement so they fit well inside the tube without sticking out at the ends.

These are also fabulous STEM activities!

After you cut the straws to fit, place them inside the tube. You want the tube to be nice and full so the straws stay in place and are snug.

Continue to add straw segments until they are snugly in place. You don’t want them to shuffle or fall out so really packing them in is key.

Take your string or yarn and attach it to the tube. You can do this with tape or glue, or tie it in place.

Hang the ladybug habitat from a tree limb or near your garden plants. The ladybugs will love climbing into the straws for safety!

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Hang the ladybug habitat anywhere you can use some natural pest control! In no time you will have ladybugs flocking to it, and you can feel good that you are providing them a home.

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