How To Keep Walls Clean With Kids Around

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When kids live in a home, the walls are bound to get a few marks and scuffs. Accidents and experiments happen. A little planning though, can save parents a lot of scrubbing. Here are five parenting tips to keep walls clean.

Tips To Keep Your Walls Clean

Clean Wall Help #1: Keep Crayons, Pens, and Markers in Their Place

Organization is key when it comes to pens, pencils, and art supplies. With toddlers in the house, it’s a good idea to keep these out of reach except during supervised coloring sessions. Parents who try to save five minutes by leaving a ball-point pen on the kitchen counter rather than putting it away may cost themselves an hour of scrubbing in the long run.

Clean Wall Help #2: Opt for Crayons or Water-Based Markers

If walls, table tops, and clothing are a concern, crayons are the way to go with toddlers and preschoolers. Markers are fun, but their messes are bigger and more difficult to clean. If parents and kids enjoy coloring with markers, they should definitely check labels to make sure they have purchased the water-based variety.

Clean Wall Help #3: Save Left-Over Paint, Wallpaper, and Carpeting

Some graffiti just refuses to come down. Other marks come clean but take the paint or wall paper pattern right with them. In cases like these, parents will bless the day they saved those cans of left-over paint or extra rolls of wallpaper. One important tip parents will want to remember when painting over a stain is to first use a primer. This will prevent the mark from bleeding through the new coat.

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Clean Wall Help #4: When Repainting, Go With Glossy

If parents don’t have left-over paint and the store can’t match a paint chip closely enough to do a touch up, they’ll need to either overlook the art, find a creative way to hide it, or think about repainting the room. One silver lining to this dark cloud might be in nipping future marks in the bud. Instead of redecorating with more wallpaper or repainting with matte or satin, parents can try painting with a high-gloss finish. They’ll love the way marks, food, and whatever else their kids dish out next time wipes away with cleaner and a wet cloth.

Clean Wall Help #5: Permanent Marker may not Always be Permanent

If a child manages to get ahold of a permanent marker it may not be the end of the world (although it may feel like it). Permanent marker may not always be permanent if used on glass or another smooth surface. Try coloring over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and wiping it clean. If it’s a smooth surface this might just save some time and frustration.

Clean Wall Help #6: Enlist Kids’ Help With the Scrubbing

If a child made the mess, he needs to be involved in the cleaning. Obviously, toddlers aren’t going to have the strength or attention span to tackle a permanent marker stain, but taking time to show them age-appropriate consequences for drawing on the wall may prevent future murals.

Kids are experts at bringing the lived-in look to a home. Though moms and dads can’t hope to keep walls absolutely spotless, related articles reveal parenting advice for cleaning marker and ink stains from walls, and parenting help for removing crayon or pencil marks from wall paper or paint. And with some preventative measures as well as clearly defined rules and expectations, moms and dads will cut down on those masterpieces.

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