4 Tips You Need to Read for How to Have More Patience as a Mom

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Patience is one of those things we all want more of! Sometimes we are so used to being impatient, that we forget to take a step back. We forget to and analyze ourselves in order to be self aware, and make important changes. Here are some tips on how to have more patience!

How to Have More Patience as a Mom

Identify The Source Of Your Impatience

Dig deep in the moment of your irritability and check if your impatience is based on the moment, or something deeper. Is the sibling rivalry really the problem? Or are you subconsciously worried they will drift apart like you and your siblings did as you got older? Is the out of key piano playing the issue? Or are you subconsciously upset about your friend’s divorce and just in a bad mood in general?

Taking time to analyze where your impatience is coming from will help you understand yourself better. It will help ensure you don’t take it out on those around you unfairly.

Identify Your Triggers

Step back and identify which circumstances make you irritable and prone to acting on your impatience. Is it early mornings or late nights? Or when you’re running late or when you go and visit your in-laws? Is it when you’re anxious? Maybe it’s when you’re hungry or have PMS?

Try and see what triggers your irritability and plan ahead so that you avoid those situations from happening. Or at least make others around you aware of when you’re getting irritable. This way, they can give you space to keep it together. Knowing what triggers your impatience, and your reaction to it, is a powerful tool you can use to work on yourself and keep it together more. Self awareness is a powerful start to changing yourself.

Recognize Burnout And Prioritize Time For Yourself

Identify when you are losing your cool because you’re just overextended and burnt out. Is it when you are constantly irritable for a few days in a row? Maybe you cry more or withdraw in general. Recognize when you’re burnt out. Make a plan to prioritize time for yourself, in order to refresh yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. This way, you are able to do every day life happy and healthy.

Get a support system in place that can help you do this, whether it be a friend, spouse or family member. Budget in some me-time money for yourself, or find a friend who you could jog with. Know yourself, your signs of burnout as well as what you need to keep balance in your life. This will help prevent burnout and maintain overall health and happiness.

Be An Example

Regardless of how impatient we may feel, it is important to remember that our children learn social habits and lessons from how we deal with and process our life. They will learn how to deal with their own impatience by watching how we deal with ours. Take time to calm yourself and focus on being present as you parent. When you do want to lose it, step back for a moment and pause. There are others around you watching and learning. How would you prefer to teach them about patience and self management? Is there anything you would regret saying or doing in hindsight, if you had to act now?

As parents, we all want more patience! With so many members in the household and so many variables, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, burnt out and have your buttons pushed. Take some time to focus on studying yourself, how you respond, and what triggers you. Determine what you need more, and less, of in your life. What tips can you share for how to have more patience as a parent?

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