Home-made Books: Tundra

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Today’s Preschool theme is all about the Tundra areas. I chose to do a general coverage below snow level where vegetation still grows.

Some of our key talking points where: Why are there no trees? / What animals would live there?

I made this a simple cut and paste activity for my 2 preschoolers.

You will need:

  • A little home-made booklet. We make these by stapling 3 pages (a4 / letter size) together
  • The images for this activity. Download them here and print.
  • Scissors and glue
  • Crayons or pencils to complete the habitats

The preschoolers cut out their images as they please, this is great cutting practice and fine motor skills!

Once an image is cut out the children glue the image inside their homemade booklet.

This is what my kids table looked like with the activity. I must say they rather enjoy cutting and sticking stuff!

I had lots of questions too about what they were seeing in their pictures.

I also have 2 scenery images for the landscape that I used to talk about why there were no trees. I would love to do a root study one day so I can show and explain about the sizes of roots to the kids. Basically there is only a small layer of unfrozen soil (the rest is usually frozen solid!) in the tundra that is why trees don’t grow.

I helped my younger preschooler by writing the name of her book on the cover “Tundra” my older preschooler who is already forming letters decided he would write his own title on this book. (Don’t worry mixed letters like this are common for the child just learning his writing skills)

And there we have it! A lovely little afternoon spent cutting and sticking Tundra related things and talking about grass, moss and frozen soil.

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