Pompom Hermit Crab Craft for Kids

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Hermit crabs and their habits are so fun to explore. The children’s book A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle follows the adventure of a hermit crab as he looks for the perfect place to rest his head. Enjoy this book with your child, then try this pompom hermit crab craft for kids. It is a fun way to enjoy the story further!


Make a Hermit Craft Craft with Kids

Supplies needed:

red pom pom
googly eyes or white and black craft felt
craft glue
sea shell

If you don’t have sea shells on hand, you can find them at your local Dollar Store or craft store. You want to use a shell that is similar in size to the pompom you are using. Pompoms and the other craft supplies you see here can be found at your local Dollar Store, making this an easy and affordable craft.


Begin by creating the face of your hermit crab. You can use googly eyes if you wish, and simply add glue to the back of them and press them to the pompom. Hold in place until dry.

If you wish to use crafting felt, cut out a pair of white and black circles. Use the craft glue to layer the black circles on top of the white. This will give the look of eyes. Then, just glue to the face of the pom pom.

Now, give your sweet little hermit crab a house. To do this, glue the pom pom to the underside of the shell. Just add a generous amount of glue, and press the shell to the top of the pompom. Don’t worry if you crush the pompom a little bit in the process. You may need to press it and hold for the shell to adhere well.

You can leave the shell plain, or decorate it. If you wish to decorate the shell, markers are perfect for making designs.

Once the glue dries, your pompom hermit crab can be displayed.

Use your hermit crab as a reading buddy or as a puppet of sorts to act out the story, or add it to a small world. Making your own pompom hermit crab is a great way to enjoy this text further, long after the story is over!

Grab A House for Hermit Crab and then give this easy craft a try!

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