Hat Matching Printable Cards

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Welcome to Playful Preschool! This weeks theme is HATS.

For todays playful preschool I have a lovely mix and match printable for you. Download it at the bottom of this post, but first some pics!

These cards were a ton of fun to play with! Once we had successfully matched and named the cards you can start making funny combinations by placing the incorrect head and hat on the various bodies.

As an added learning feature you could also write the names of the service people on the cards.

On these cards you can see: Pilot, Fireman, Policeman, Construction Worker, Cowboy, Sailer, Shepard and Astronaut.

These cards are made to my standard template just like my number cards for 1-10.

You can either print these on stock cards or paper and laminate them. These cards are made to the size of this laminating pouch which ensures I don’t have to cut each and every card a second time. It also makes the cards uniform which is great for storage.

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