Glue Resist Canvas Snowman Art Project

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When looking for book based art projects sometimes It is all about just the process of creating. But when process and a great product that I can use to decorate the home comes up, even better! I had some canvasses sitting around unused in our craft area and thought it would be fun to turn them into a Glue Resist Canvas Snowman Art Project.

We created a set of mommy and me canvasses to go along with our winter themed study and decorate our home with a whimsical touch!

Glue Resist Snowman Canvas Art Project

The Biggest Snowman Ever, what a fun book for a winter themed study! Visit Mouseville and see how Clayton and Desmond plan on creating the biggest snowman ever!


For your own Glue Resist Snowman Canvas Art Project you will need:

  • Canvas, any size
  • watercolors
  • paint brushes
  • school glue (with nozzle)

Choose a canvas anywhere from 5″x 7″ on up to 11″x 17″- to create a really big snowman!

You can either draw your snowman lightly with a pencil on the canvas or just freehand one. Draw your snowman/scene with glue.  Be sure to lay a thick line of glue as you trace it out. Some areas I had to go back and thicken up a bit and while it is wet it wipes away nicely with a damp rag for big mistakes.

Once the scene is to your (your child’s) liking allow it to dry completely. We left ours overnight.

Once dry you are ready to put some color on your glue drawing. We saturated our colors with water in the tray and dropped generous amounts of colored water on the spaces we wanted to be blue,  then brushed it around the canvas around the snowman and snowflakes, you can make your scene daytime or night!

The glue edge stops your watercolor from spreading, even if the color spills over your “snow” it still stands out.

Continue filling in whatever areas you like. You create fun colors and textures but painting on or avoiding the glue lined areas. I love how the paint pops whether on the canvas or on the glue. Then allow your painting to dry completely.

Outside temperature may be low, but the activities in here are hot! There are plenty of indoor activities in here to keep your children learning this season!

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