G is for Giraffe Learning Pack

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Does your little one like Giraffes? This G is for Giraffe pack will be the perfect learning set to teach them all sorts of important preschool skills and it all comes with a giraffe theme! These giraffes are so cute and make an engaging theme that kids will love!

G is for Giraffe Learning Activities

This pack of learning activities is filled with so many learning opportunities! Whether your preschooler is just starting out with these skills or they are just needing practice, this pack will be great for any preschooler!

G is for Giraffe Tracing

This page is great as a prewriting activity as well as for focusing on the letter g. There is space to trace dotted lined upper and lowercase letter Gs as well as the phrase “G is for Giraffe”. There are also two bubble letter Gs that can be colored or a pattern added to them.

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G is for Giraffe Count

This is an activity to help children strengthen their skill in number order. This is set up like a chart, with rows and columns. Some squares have numbers in them, while others are blank. They can fill in the blank ones by putting the numbers before and after the ones that are already filled in.

G is for Giraffe Size Sort

This fun page has multiple giraffes in various sizes. Kids will just need to decide what order they go in, either smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.

G is for Giraffe Shapes

This one is all about shapes. Kids will identify shapes and color them. Then they can graph them by marking the number of squares that equals the number of the particular shape. Repeat the process until all of the shapes have been graphed.

G is for Giraffe Spelling

This is a fun way to help children learn how to spell the word giraffe. Just like the counting, some letters are present, while others need to be filled in. In the end, children will learn how to spell the word giraffe.

The last two pages are fun. One is a giraffe coloring page and the other is a fact sheet. The fact sheet is full of fun facts all about giraffes!

Another great part of this activity set is that it’s super easy to prep. Just print out the pages and grab your writing and coloring utensils.

Your kids will love learning with this G is for Giraffe activity pack!

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