Fun Take Home Art Projects For Toddlers

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Whether you provide art projects for a daycare or preschool or you are a mom that wants to do fun art projects with your littles, these are for you! These art projects for toddlers are easy for their little hands but help them grow as mini artists and strengthen important skills that toddlers can learn!

Fun Art Projects For Toddlers

There are so many forms of art in this world. Some are too difficult for toddlers but these that I found are perfect for little ones.

It is never too early to look at art with children, toddlers can even benefit from this. Even just to see the different colors, patterns, or the piece as a whole.

Always on the top of my list is finger paints! Make your own or use toddler safe paint.

My second favorite is the trusted “reveal” type art, these make for many detailed squeals.

Have you ever tried painting with colored ice? It takes just a little early preparation because the ice needs to freeze but it is such fun either outside on a hot day or inside on a rainy day!

Using a toilet paper roll is a fantastic way to paint circles. The tubes are large enough that it is easy for kids to hold!

Grab some toddler safe paints and bubble wrap and make cute prints.

Talking of stamping using sponges cut in shapes is also a great treat! Potatoes do the same thing!

Use the crayon resistant method and make a scene for toddlers to paint over.

Older toddlers will enjoy this fascinating technique of folding paper over. Make rainbows, a butterfly or a simple spot.

Draw flower stalks and have kids finger print the petals, this works well with paint or stamp pads.

Transfer painting is an exciting activity. It is almost mysterious, how will it turn out? This painting with blocks is a toddler version of just that!

Painting over textures can bring a whole new excitement to art! Kids will love this texture and paint STEAM activity!

Making stamps out of apples and potatoes is super easy and even more fun!

Make prints with items from nature, take a look at these made with flowers.

Some art is all about the process, instead of the result. Yet the result is typically amazing. That is the case with this shaving cream painting. It is so beautiful!

Sometimes preventing a mess is a must with toddlers. This is a mess-free painting activity that still creates a beautiful keepsake!

We know salad spinners are helpful for lettuce but did you know they make beautiful artwork too? Yes, they do!

Learning how to spell our names is one of the first words that we really learn. This painting activity also doubles as helping toddlers begin to learn how to spell their names!

This painting activity makes it easy to help teach toddlers about shapes!

Here is another toilet paper painting activity to help little ones learn about shapes!

Another process art that kids will love. It’s grabbing one of their favorite toys, a ball, and creating artwork with them!

Drizzle painting reminds me of decorating cupcakes mixed with splashing water. Kids will love this!!

It is so exciting, as a mom, to grab normal household items and seeing how my kids love painting with them. Just like this cork and rubberband painting! It looks so fun.

Going outside can lead to the same results as household items. Check out these paintings with nature artwork ideas!

Have you ever made a window cling? This is perfect for any holiday or season!

This popsicle art is great for toddlers all the way through adulthood. It’s a simple yet stunning tissue paper activity!

Collages are a fun way to teach children about a whole new form of art.

This simple paper towel art idea combines art & science into a blow your mind activity!

Playing with clay is not only exciting, but it is also a fun way to help strengthen finger muscles which is crucial for toddlers!!


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