Fruit Themed Q-Tip Painting

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Painting with a paintbrush is fun but have you tried painting with q-tips? It is an inexpensive way to encourage creativity and help kids look at things differently. With these Fruit Themed Q-tip Painting printables, kids can paint & strengthen skills anytime of the year!

Q-Tip Painting Fruit Printables

Painting with q-tips is not only great for strengthening creativity but it works on other skills as well. The motion of picking up the q-tip, dabbing with it and then setting it back down is helpful for strengthening fine motor skills. It is important for children to strengthen the hand muscles. These muscles allow children to zip a zipper, tie their shoes and hold a pencil properly. These fruit themed printables are a super fun way to help kids do this!

All you’ll need are q-tips and paint.

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There are a variety of fruit themed q-tip printables in this set. Kids can paint all sorts of fruits including:

and more.

Children can take the q-tips and carefully dip them in the paint. Then dab it onto the circles on the printables. The printables have colored circles to help guide children on which color of paint to choose. This can be helpful for children who may not know the exact colors of fruits but it can also be great for helping with color recognition.

If you are studying a healthy eating unit, or just want a fun art activity for kids, these fruit themed q-tip painting printables are fun!

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