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Are you teaching your classroom or children Spanish words? Or are your Spanish speaking children learning the days of the week? These Spanish Days Of The Week Activities are a fun and easy way to help your kids learn these Spanish words.

It is proven that it helps a child’s brain grow and develop if they learn at least some of a second language at a young age. Even if these 7 words are the only Spanish words you teach your child, this will be beneficial for them.

We’ve included a variety of different activities in this free printable pack that will help kids learn the words in Spanish.

For reference here are the days of the week in English and translated into Spanish.

Monday: lunes (loo-ness)
Tuesday: martes (mar-tess)
Wednesday: miercoles (me-air-co-less)
Thursday: jueves (whay-bays)
Friday: viernes (ve-air-nays)
Saturday: sabado (sah-bah-do)
Sunday: domingo (doh-ming-oh)

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Each one of the pages in the printable pack is it’s own activity. We’ve incorporated a variety of other skills in with the Spanish Day Of The Week words.

The prep for this activity pack is super easy. Use your choice of writing utensil. You can laminate and use a dry erase marker, which will make it so you can use over and over. You may also need scissors and glue, but that is all.

We have included prewriting, finishing patterns, colors, flash cards, tracing and more.


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Your kids will love playing and learning with these Spanish Days Of The Week activities. No matter how much Spanish you or your children know, this is going to be a fun activity.

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