Free Printables for Kids – Bigger, Smaller, Longer, Shorter

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Learning how to compare and contrast is an essential skill to master. Start your children young with these bigger, smaller, longer, shorter free printables for kids. These worksheets are great for children of all ages and abilities. They also require no reading or writing skills, as long as you explain the objective. Let’s dive right in!

Bigger, Smaller, Longer, Shorter Printables

These free printables for kids include four pages with six images each. Each page prompts your child to color the item that is bigger, smaller, longer, or shorter. Grab your coloring pencils and crayons and get creative!

Prepping Your Free Printables for Kids

As always, we strive to make prepping your free printable activities as easy as possible. Simply print out the worksheets and make sure your child is set up with the coloring pens or pencils of your choice.


Comparing and contrasting requires learning how to use critical thinking skills to make observations about our surroundings. In these free printables for kids, your child will be practicing their:

  • Visual and physical calculation
  • Core math skills
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • Logical thinking
  • And more!

You’ll be raising a little Einstein!

Bigger Learning, Shorter Printables

We don’t need our children sitting in front of worksheets all day. There is so much learning that happens in our everyday lives. However, in order to notice these things, some book learning does help to get the mind thinking in certain ways. We aim to make learning fun with big learning activities delivered through shorter printables. We hope you enjoyed these free printables for kids. If so, make sure to check out our other content, as well!

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