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I loved maze books as a kids. They were like little mysteries that I could solve with a pencil. Little did I know, while having fun, I was actually strengthening important skills and muscles.

If you are working on a space themed unit, you’re looking for fun mazes or your kids are space fans, this Space Maze printable pack is perfect for you!

Printable Space Mazes Pack

These printable mazes are so much fun and easy to prepare for your kids. After printing the pack, you have a few choices. These mazes can be single use and used with crayons or other writing utensil of choice. You could also choose to make these multi use by laminating the pages. To save on lamination sheets, I like to put the pages back side together and then laminate. If you choose to laminte, these mazes can be completed with dry erase markers.

Once the mazes are prepped, children can pick their favorite first. You can make these extra challenging by setting a stop watch or timer to see if kids can finish one faster than another.

These mazes are not just fun, though. Mazes are so beneficial. Mazes can help children strengthen problem solving skills. Working through the maze takes critical thinking and working through step by step.

We love these fine motor printables!

Mazes can also help children practice prewriting. Holding and using a writing utensil helps strengthen the muscles themselves as well as capabilities that are necessary for writing letters. This is also done with hand-eye coordination, which is strengthened with mazes.

Visual tracking is also worked with mazes. We all do this when we read and write. It is the concept of scanning the page left to right. This is how one can solve the maze, by looking ahead on the puzzle.

This space themed is perfect for a preschool space unit, a space party and so much more. Kids will have so much fun with these space mazes while strengthening necessary skills!

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