Free Printable Space Activities For Kids

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Do your kids love space? It is easy to see space as a magical place. We can’t see all of it and it’s so amazing. It always makes a for a fantastic theme for learning activities too!! Our Printable Space Activities for kids are full of skills that can be strengthened and learned, all masked by fun!

Free Printable Space Activities For Kids

Our space activities are so much fun. We have included a variety of different activities that your kids may already be familiar with, but in a space theme.

One of the first activities is a Space I Spy. There are 14 different characters that children can search for including planets, rockets and aliens. They will search through the collage and count each object then write the number that they found on the grid below. This iis fantastic for scanning, sorting, classifying, identifying and counting skills.

The next is a What Comes Next? pattern activity. Children will identify the objects as well as the pattern and complete the pattern. This space printable has the option for children to circle the correct answer or cut and paste. When choosing the cut and paste, you could have them cut the answer bank off at the beginning then cut out all of the objects, then when they figure out the next step in the pattern they can glue it on.

Using the cut and paste option adds fine motor skill strengthening to an already beneficial activity.

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This memory game is a super fun and beneficial space activity. Kids strengthen skills such as short term memory, identification, fine motor skills (picking up the cards) as well as strategy.

To prep this game, first print out the game sheets. Cut out all of the game pieces. You can print on cardstock or print on regular printer paper then laminate.

Once the game cards are prepped, turn them all face down on the table and mix them up. Place them in even rows. The first person to take a turn will turn over two cards. If they match, they can keep the cards. If they do not match, the cards should be put back into the game spots where they were taken from. Continue the game with everyone else taking similar turns. The game is over when all matches have been found. If you want to keep score, the person with the most matches wins.

Of there is only one person playing, he or she can try and find the most matches in say 10 turns or 5 minutes. Then try and beat their time on their next turn.

Creative children will love this next printable space activity. The base of a rocket is presented on the paper. It is the childs job to create the rest of the rocket. Design anything. It could have bat wings or a princess crown. It does not matter. Let their creative juices flow.

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All of these activities can be prepped super quickly. You can simply print and give to the child if you would like. If you are prepping for a classroom, you could laminate or use dry erase pockets as an alternative as well.

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