Free Printable Pumpkin Emotion Activities

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Emotions are more than just happy and sad. Emotions are something that children should begin to understand at an early age. Even in adults, studies have shown that simply labeling emotions helps us move from the fight or flight part of the brain to the rational part of the brain. The ability to label emotions will help children in the future. Learning about emotions does not have to be boring, though. These printable Pumpkin Emotions activities are a great way to help children explore emotions in a fun and engaging way.

Pumpkin Emotions Activities

It is important for children to explore emotions and learn about them so that they can hopefully regulate emotions more easily when they are older. Emotions are hard, even for adults, and knowing more about them can help with the process.

This printable emotions activities set has multiple parts to it. In fact there are 14 pages.

The emotions included are:


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Emotion Mats

The first are emotion mats. These have a space for children to color in a bubble letter word, color the pumpkin with that emotion on its face and trace the word. This is helpful for focusing on one individual emotion at a time.

Emotion Puzzles

The next portion of the activity is emotions puzzles. Children will match the emotion word to the emotion on the face of the pumpkin.

Lastly, there are tracing sheets where children can trace and then write the emotion word over and over. This is great for repetitions of writing letters. Your children may not be ready to read and write the exact emotions word but the repetition of writing the letters is fantastic!

The last activity is a matching game. Match the emotion faces together and the person with the most matches wins.

All four of these activities are helpful for not only putting a ‘face’ to the name of an emotion, but are helpful with other important skills as well.

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There are a few different things that need to happen to prep these activities for your kids.
If you are prepping for your own child at home, you can just give the emotions mats to them and they can use crayons. If you are prepping for a classroom, if you laminate each mat, kids can complete them with dry erase markers.

The puzzles will need to be cut out. You can also choose to laminate these as well, if you would like. This is the same for the matching game as well.

The final activity is the tracing words sheets and these can be done the same as the first set. Laminate and use with dry erase markers or with the writing utensil of your child’s choice.

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