Free Printable Indoor Activities List

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It’s raining out, or too hot or too cold. We don’t want to go outside, but our children are going a little nutso inside. We try to scour the cabinets for anything that resembles a craft supply or something that they could possibly make into a game.

All while crossing our fingers that they are entertained for at least 6 minutes. Does this sound familiar? That is why this Printable Indoor Activities List is so amazing.

Free Printable Indoor Activities List

This list is more than just a time saver, it is a life saver. When you’re in the trenches, when you’re too tired to be creative, or when you’ve tried all the things and nothing is working, this list will be there for you!

I would suggest printing the list, maybe even laminating it, and hanging it on the inside of your cabinet, or by the door of your play room. Wherever you put it, make sure you always have access to it, for when you really need it!

What is on this list you ask?

There are physical activities, quiet activities, as well as activities that don’t require any supplies. All of them are easy to prep though AND will help strengthen a skill for your child! Here are some examples.

Build a blanket fort. This may seem super simple and nonsense even, but it’s not. It is amazing to strengthen a child’s pretend play skills. You can use this fort as a reading fort or drawing fort, which clearly has benefits. It’s also basically no clean up. Yes, there are blankets – but in the grand scheme of things, that is nothing!

Squeeze water with sponges. What is it about water that attracts kids so much? Whatever it is, I am grateful. Grab some clean sponges and two bowls. Ask the children to fill up the sponge from one bowl and squeeze it out in the other. You could even do separate stations for each child and ask them to race.

Decorate a piece of paper with stickers. This can literally be done anywhere. A sheet of stickers, a piece of paper and maybe even some coloring tools. Hand them over and let your child take over, splashing their creativity all over the page.

Sealable plastic bag painting. This is NO MESS painting! YES! Fill a sealable bag with paint. You can even add a variety of colors, just know it will eventually turn brown. Children will strengthen fine motor skills by finger painting but there is no mess!

How awesome are these ideas? Super easy, helping them strengthen skills and fun! This list is filled with ideas just like this. What are you waiting for, you need this list!

Also, check out our list for Fine Motor Skills for toddlers!

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