Free Printable Dinosaur and Volcano Counting Game

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Dinosuars are a fun theme for kids. Whether you believe they once roamed the earth or not, that doesn’t matter. They are huge creatures that we have never actually seen that are a different concept on their own. Volcanoes are fascinating as well. Dangerous, but also fascinating!

Dinos and volcanoes together make this free printable counting game super exciting. Kids won’t even realize that they are practicing an important skill!

Free Printable Dino & Volcano Counting Game

The best part about prepping this game is that you don’t need many things. Once the game is prepped, you can play and play for hours upon days. If your kids are like mine, that is what will happen. They grab onto something and play with it for weeks until they find something else to grab their attention.

Our Dinosaur Busy Bags are great too!

Free Printable Dino and Volcano Counting Game
Tape or Sticky Tack
Laminator (Optional)
LEGO Duplo Blocks

Printables are be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

First, print the game board and game pieces out. Cut the dino pawns individually. If you have more children playing, you can print more pawns.

I like to laminate most children activities because, you know – kids are playing with it. If you prefer, you could laminate the dino pawns and then slide the game board into a dry erase pocket. This can save money in the long run, but it is up to your preference.

We connected the dino pawns to LEGO Duplo blocks. These are the perfect size for little hands to grab them and they stand on their own. It’s a win win.

We also love these Dinosaur Matching Puzzles!

When the game is prepped, it’s time to play.

Everyone should start at the START block. We typically use the youngest to oldest idea when choosing the game order.

Take turns to roll a dice and move your dino that number of blocks.

If you get to dino tracks, follow the dino tracks upwards.

If you land on top of a volcano, fall into the volcano- a block downwards.

First dino at the nest wins!

You can play as many times as you would like, which will most likely be more than once!

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