Free Printable Color Cards for Toddlers

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My toddler is learning things in leaps and bounds and at 2 years and 4 months is wanting to name almost everything. To encourage her along I made some color cards for her to oogle, point and basically learn her colors with!

I also tried to use toddler friendly clip art!

The idea is very simple. Download your cards and print them out on either cardstock or normal paper and laminate. I defiantly would laminate these because of rough toddler usage!

The size is 2 cards per page.

Spread them out and name the colors or image and colors.

Red Apple

Orange Carrot

What color is the carrot?

What color is this cat?

Can you give me the pink pig?

I hope your toddler enjoys these cards as much as mine does!

Download them here.

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