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Christmas is the most anticipated holiday for most people across the world. It is basically a whole month full of delicious treats, warm welcomes from friends and family, sharing good tidings and spending quality time with ones you love. Of course, kids are also excited about presents, too. It’s fun to share the magic with kids and one way we love to do that in our home is with a Christmas Countdown.

Christmas Countdown Chart

A Christmas countdown can help children understand how many days until Christmas. This is not only great for kids but also for us, parents, so that we don’t have to hear 1,000 times per day the question of how many days until Christmas gets here. You know what I mean.

It also helps to keep the magic alive, even on days that you don’t necessarily do a big todo of holiday extravaganzas.

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This is an incredibly simple countdown to set up. All you need is:

Laminator (optional)
Tape or Glue

First, print the pages. There is one that is the countdown board. This can be hung on a wall or door, or even kept in a picture frame if you want to be a little extra fancy.

The second page is a bunch of counters. These are all decorated with different Christmas themed pictures. I like to cut all of these out and keep in a resealable plastic bag or envelope near the countdown. It is easier to add to the countdown daily when it is completely prepped.

When it is a new day, and time to put a new piece on the countdown chart, have your child pick the tile that will go up that day. Glue the piece onto the correct space. We like to count down to Christmas every morning. It helps get the kids excited but it also helps with their counting skills!

If you plan to use these for years to come, I would suggest laminating them. This will help preserve it. You wouldn’t be able to glue the pieces on, but tape would be completely sufficient!

If you don’t want to use the tiles, you could also color the squares in. This could be done with a marker or crayon. If you laminate, this could be done with a wet or dry erase marker.

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