Free Printable Christmas Color Sheets

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With the kids likely out of their normal routines over the holiday break, they are in need of some structured learning activities about as much as you are probably in need of some peace! Don’t sweat it – Powerful Mothering has you covered with some free printable Christmas color sheets to keep your child’s brains tinkering, while also having fun.

It’s our belief that you can never have enough easy art activities for preschoolers and school-aged children on hand. Art has been shown to help children with their own sense of individuality by learning how to express themselves in healthy ways. Really, you have nothing to lose by giving these free printable worksheets a try.

Christmas Color Sheets

Your child will love these free printable Christmas color sheets as they get to help Santa, a snowman, a gingerbread man, an elf, a Christmas tree, and a cup of hot chocolate get the items that they need – the items that correspond to each object.

My kids love to help so these printables provide a great opportunity to give them a mission while also getting some of your own needs met at the same time.

Prepping Your Free Printable Christmas Color Worksheets

When we design activities to help families out, we design them with simplicity in mind. These educational printables can be ready for use in just a few short minutes. First, make sure to print out the Christmas worksheets. Then, grab the coloring utensils of your choice. Finally, make sure that your child understands the free printable Christmas color sheets activity before they begin. A simple adaptation for younger children would be to modify the free printables to just have them be color worksheets for fun, without the need to match various items together.


These free Christmas worksheets aren’t just fun – they’re educational! There are many aspects of development that are improved through coloring and matching worksheets, including:

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Fine motor activities
  • Pattern recognition
  • Problem solving skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • And more!

Get Your Free Printable Christmas Color Sheets Today!

Here at Powerful Mothering, our brains are always working on overdrive so that yours don’t have to. We live, eat, and breathe all things kids-related, fun-related, and education-related. We seek to inspire families, caregivers, teachers, and children to feel empowered through their teaching, learning and growth. Make sure to keep your eye out for more worksheet fun because we’ll be here making it all happen. 😊

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