Free Name Tracing Worksheets – Printable and Font Choices

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These free name tracing worksheets are perfect for preschoolers. This name learning activity also includes alternative font choices to make the name tracing printable easy and fun to use!

My five-year-old is finally showing interest in writing letters; and, boy oh boy is that learning accelerating! He seems to be a bit hung up on writing his name, though, and is still having trouble with his “R’s” and “e’s.” So, I came up with this lovely printable. Then I thought, “I bet other kids have a problem writing letters, too.” My husband helped me make this nifty little code for my blog so that my readers could also get these free name tracing worksheets totally personalized. OK, so let’s get started.

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Free Name Tracing Worksheets

The free name tracing worksheets are great for your child when learning their name as well as forming those letters. Keep an eye out for future posts where I go into more detail on how to help your little ones form those letters properly.

I tried out the worksheets with each of my three kids. I love these learning resources pockets to use dry erase pens on. The kids write and remove as many times as their focus allows.

My five-year-old wrote his name six times before he lost interest. My two-and-a-half-year-old tired once and decided that drawing and erasing was simply better.

You can, of course, use the free name tracing worksheets without any sort of cover.

These educational printables are also great in a classroom setting as the letters are the perfect size for preschoolers!

I like to use these plastic pockets for a wide variety of tracing activities from working on mazes to line tracing.

Good stuff, right!? The dry erase pen is the same one we use for the whiteboard. I also have thinner pens on order for a better grip – I recommend these.

Prepping Your Name Tracing Worksheets

Now, the fun bit!

To get your OWN free name tracing worksheets simply click here and refer to the guide as needed!

But before you go, please share these fun and free name tracing worksheets so that other children can benefit from them too.


Additional Name Tracing Printables

I recommend these additional activities for name learning:

  • Name Search Activity and Printable
  • Bear Counters Name Recognition Activity
  • Name Recognition using Beads
  • Tactile Name Writing Practice

I would love to hear how you are using the printables, so please feel free to leave me a comment!

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