Free Mother’s Day Printables

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to set your children up with some free Mother’s Day printables to give to the special mothers in their life. Alternatively, you could use these worksheets on the actual day of Mother’s Day to get some much deserved peace and quiet. 😅Regardless of when you use these free printables, they are sure to engage your child’s development in numerous ways.

Mother’s Day Worksheets

These free Mother’s Day printables include six pages of learning worksheet fun. The first three pages include Mother’s-Day-related counting activities, and the other three pages are coloring worksheets. The coloring pages are especially great as Mother’s Day presents from the little ones. Let them express their love for mom and get in touch with their creative side.

Prepping Your Free Mother’s Day Printables

Prepping your free printables isn’t meant to be another chore for mom. It’s supposed to give her a break, after all! Simply print the free worksheets and make sure your child has a writing utensil and coloring tools. That’s it! If your child needs help with the numeracy pages, make sure that mom is recruiting someone else to do it. After all, it’s her day.


Not only will the kids be doing something super sweet for the mothers in their life, but they’ll also be working on their learning and development. These free Mother’s Day printables will gauge their:

  • Creativity
  • Numeracy skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • And more!

Holidays give us something to celebrate, but there’s also great learning opportunities hidden within each of them. Here at Powerful Mothering, we aim to shine a light on those possibilities and turn your kids into lifelong learners.

Happy Mother’s Day from Powerful Mothering to YOU

Whether you’re a mother, caretaker, teacher, father, or relative, we hope that you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. Make sure to take some time to appreciate the mothers in your life. We hope that your kiddos enjoy these free Mother’s Day worksheets, and make sure to check out our other content as well.

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